A hidden illness

I’ve been trying to think of my next post to publish with varying drafts being created over the last few weeks with minimal success in actually publishing anything.

And then something happened. I passed out at work and have felt light headed ever since. I didn’t feel unwell and after numerous tests, there hasn’t been anything flagged that highlights why I’m feeling like this. So what has caused this sudden change in my almost healthy life?

A glimer into my inner workings. I am a perfectionist. I am obsessive in things being done correctly. My memory isn’t awesome and I will often complete things in a roundabout way to ensure all aspects are done rather than being streamlined. I get anxious about things that I cannot control but try to, and place a great amount of pressure on myself to be liked by all and keep in everyone’s good books.

I don’t think I can be that person anymore. It’s making me ill. I suffered from stress within a previous job, but couldn’t see the impact it was having on me until I was hospitalised and got a new job. However, my day-to-day working hasn’t changed and my processes and thoughts are still the same.

My first task – take care of my body and mind. I’m going to juice some fruit.

Jess x x x


Kidz in the middle 2015

For someone who’s new to the world of paediatrics – this was a big deal!

The whole event was amazing and really opened up my eyes to the possibilities for children living with disabilities.

Working at different special needs schools had given me some idea into the basics (walkers, standing frames, specialist seating etc) but this completely blew the door off that chest of information!

Being an OT, I had always been someone who loves to problems solve and this whole event gave me a plethora of ideas for some of the problems I come across with some of my patients. 
I was able to find a company who could create a bespoke backrest, as well as another company who could provide safe spaces for children with behavioural problems.
I think I’m in the wrong aspect of this profession!! I need to pattern a piece of equipment!!!

Everyone at the exhibition was so friendly and helpful, demonstrating new products and answering my stupid questions!

I’m hoping to post some links of the products that inspired me during the visit to maybe give whoever reads this some insight into the world of paediatrics!

Speak soon! Good afternoon bloggers,

Jess x x x

Preceptorship – not the kind of boat I would like

So my first meeting with my “preceptor”. I think there’s all kinds of feelings and ideas being banded about when it comes to this band 5 process. From what I can gather tho, the whole experience is a more structured way of ensuring you’re learning and growing the way you should; with some handy reflection pieces and CPD handy portfolio items.
It’s not as daunting as I thought it would be. I’m sure as I get busier ill find it the bane of my life but for now, i’m enjoying the structure and the competencies which can reinforce what I know.
Anyone else have any experiences of preceptorship or been a preceptor? Anything that’s worked well or not? Anyone else going through it?

Any who,  just an on – go – post whilst waiting for a appointment.

Happy hump day!

Jess x x x

First 2 weeks – done!

So I’ve survived my first 2 weeks as a children’s OT. Granted I had 1 week of that as annual leave but shhhh! Children’s OT is so much fun!!! It’s sha-mazing!!! I am acting like a student at the minute attempting to soak up every last sentence, condition and therapy treatment. But I don’t think that’s such a bad thing! The service is so specialised and considering the large age group that are treated, there’s no way you’d be able to just roll with it. So I’m taking this time to understand my developmental milestones and different conditions. I’ve been using Microsoft one note for all this info and it’s been ultra helpful – shameless plug there Microsoft (you’re welcome). Any who,  if anyone reads this and feels they have any useful info or advice they could provide to a ever learning children’s OT then please don’t be shy, get in touch! Anything and everything will be of great help!! Hope you’re all doing okay. Monday again tomorrow, but for some of us that’s not as horrendous as it has been 🙂 Lovelovelove Jess x

New post, new client group!

Although I’ve not been an Occupational Therapist for very long (approx 18 months in total so far), my observations of the current practice of the NHS is continually changing and ever flowing with new ways of working, budget cuts and constant restructuring.  My current team has undergone so many changes and alterations, you at times don’t know whether you’re coming or going.  So many changes, that things don’t get chance to settle before things are changing again!!

So now, although things will continue to change wherever I go, I am embarking on a completely new role within my trust.  I have successfully secured a post as a Children’s Occupational Therapist! So I shall be changing from working with 80 year olds, to little people who are 8 years old!!!

I am utterly out of my comfort zone. I’ve never worked with children before, and all my experience since my Sheffield Hallam Days have been working with older adults.  But i feel now is the time for change, and a time to gain some more skills and experience within a completely new setting and client group.

So if anyone that reads this could give me some advice of working with children, some do’s and don’ts – that would be incredible!!

Anyways, I’m trying to update my CPD folder tonight seeing as I’m actually going to be doing my preceptorship within my new post. Although it’s going to be a lot of work, I’m ready to sort my OT life out!!

Take care readers. I will try (but probably fail miserably) to update this more regularly, maybe I could start to put resources on here for you to peruse!!

Lots of love

Jessica x x x x x x x